Cleaning Stick S090013 (50 pcs)

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Compatible Main Units

The models below are compatible with one or more items in this range. For more details, please refer to the manual for your product.

Epson SureColor SC-S30600
Epson SureColor SC-S30610
Epson SureColor SC-S50600 (4C)
Epson SureColor SC-S50610 (4C)
Epson SureColor SC-S50610 (5C)
Epson SureColor SC-S70600 (8C)
Epson SureColor SC-S70610 (10C)
Epson SureColor SC-S70610 (8C)
SureColor S60610L
SureColor S80610L
SureColor SC-F2000 (4C)
SureColor SC-F2000 (5C)
SureColor SC-P10000
SureColor SC-P20000
SureColor SC-P6500D
SureColor SC-P6500DE
SureColor SC-P6500E
SureColor SC-P7500
SureColor SC-P7500 Spectro
SureColor SC-P8500D
SureColor SC-P8500DL STD
SureColor SC-P9500
SureColor SC-P9500 Spectro
SureColor SC-R5010
SureColor SC-R5010L
SureColor SC-S40600
SureColor SC-S40610
SureColor SC-S60600
SureColor SC-S60600L
SureColor SC-S60610
SureColor SC-S80600
SureColor SC-S80600L
SureColor SC-S80610
SureColor SC-T3700D
SureColor SC-T3700DE
SureColor SC-T3700E
SureColor SC-T5700D (with Adobe PostScript)
SureColor SC-T7700D
SureColor SC-T7700DL

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