Refund policy

Seller, Ltd Aikom (Internet, next time Seller) Leads Own Welcome By will And of Georgia By law Consumers Rights Protection About, Provides Consumers (next time Buyer) Interests, Determines Of the item Back Return Politics, which Agrees User Of the item Acquisition At the time.
Of the item Unconditional Back Return happens that in case, If:

1. him Found Such Factory Rot, which Impossible Makes his To use Direct By destination And It is impossible this Disadvantages Elimination;

2. Mentioned Rot Has been identified Of goods From receipt5 Calendar Of the day Within;

3. Of products Call Happened mistakenly, so With the buyer Preliminary Agreement Without One Of the item Instead Provided Was Other thing.

Back Return no happens that in case, If:

1. To the buyer thing no more Like;

2. Buyer As needed no more Believes his Possession;

3. thing no Justifies Buyer Expectations;

4. To the buyer no more Comes with Of the item Need.

It is possible Of the item Back Return Next Conditions With protection:

1. Buyer The seller himself Will deliver Item after At the address: . Tbilisi, Digomi,Bob Walsh st. 32;

2. To return Subordinate thing, Materially And For goods Is flawless. Packing Is undamaged Or It is possible Of the item Repackaging The original with face;

3. The buyer, Expressed Return Desire And this About In writing Notified To the seller From purchase5 Calendar Of the day Within;

4. paid Amount Blurring happens, For users Delivery Amount Except.

Return, no Is carried out that in case:

1. If lost has Commodity Face;

2. Is missing Or And Damaged Packing;

3. Happened Of the item Injury Buyer By.