Secabo TPD12 Pneumatic Heat Press 100x120cm თერმო წნეხი

Secaboკოდი: 10901411

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დღგ-ს ჩათვლით. მიწოდების თანხის დაანგარიშება ხდება გადახდის გვერდზე

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The Secabo TPD12 is an outstanding production machine for large-scale productions in the field of sublimation textile finishing and other transfer technologies up to a size of 100cm x 120cm. The pneumatic double plate heat press features a heating capacity of 9.0 kW and designed to provide a maximum pressure of 4 bars, which corresponds to the 140g/cm2 or 1,700kg when using the XXL heat plate. This means, that the TPD12 is perfectly equipped for large runs of high quality large format transfers. The two base plates are superimposed on an electric linear system specially designed to retract one base plate into the heat press, while simultaneously exposing the other base plate. This feature serves to increase efficiency by enabling operators to remove a finished transfer object and/or prepare the next transfer object at the same time, that the other base plate is inside the transfer area within the TPD12's case. The user can choose different modes of operation, namely automatic or manual. In each case, operators are offered protection from injury by a wide range of safety equipment, including emergency shutoff and two-handed operation. The TPD12 facilitates a means for profitable and efficient production of large-scale transfers in large quantities.

Technical Data

dimensions 275cm x 170cm x 150cm
working area 2 x 100cm x 120cm
scope of delivery Transfer press, power cable without plug, connection set for compressor, manual
pressure setting setting of pneumatic pressure
max. downforce 4 bar, 1700 kg, 140 g/cm²
max temperature 225 °C
maximum time preset 999 s
power supply 3P+N+PE, 9.0kW. Connection by an expert is required
environment +5°C - +35°C / 30% - 70% relative humidity
air consumption
170l/min maximum
weight without packaging 910,00 kg
weight with package 931,00 kg
Brand Secabo

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