Membrane base plate 47x57cm for TC7, TPD7, TS7

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The membrane base plates by Secabo create new opportunities in the implementation of your Secabo heat press - especially when working with transfer objects with significant height-differences and unevenness. Many old and almost all new heat press models allow for upgrading to the passive membrane lower plates. The membrane can easily be inflated via a small inflation bulb. The membrane's maximum compensation height may be configured thereby. As usual, the contact pressure is set on the heat press, for example via a hand wheel on the heat plate. When the heat press is closed, a manometer reliably displays the current contact pressure - in grams per square centimeter. The pressure can be adjusted via the inflation bulb and a release valve. The membrane lower plates by Secabo allow for taking accurate readings of the actual contact pressure, as well as reproducibly setting it. The membrane lower plates are available for work surfaces of 38cm x 38cm and 40cm x 50cm. The plates' actual dimensions are 45 x 45cm and 47 x 57cm respectively. It is possible to mount them straight to the base of many Secabo heat presses and they are compatible with the well-known quick change systems and slide extensions by Secabo.




47cm x 57cm x 5.5cm

pressure setting

Adjustment on the transfer press, fine adjustment via blower ball and drain valve

working area

40cm x 50cm

scope of delivery

Diaphragm base plate with screw-on base, fixing material

max. working pressure

Up to 500 depending on the performance data of the heat press g/cm²

max temperature

230 °C


5°C - +35°C/ 30% - 70% humidity

weight without packaging

10.00 kg

weight with package

15.00 kg



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