The seller, iCOM Ltd. (online store, hereinafter the seller) is guided by its own good will and the Law of Georgia on Consumer Protection, takes into account the interests of the consumer (hereinafter the buyer), determines the return policy agreed upon by the consumer when purchasing the item. 
Unconditional return of the item occurs if:

1. It has been found to have a factory defect which makes it impossible to use it for its intended purpose and it is impossible to eliminate this defect; 

2. The said defect is detected within 5 calendar days after receipt of the goods; 

3. The product was delivered by mistake, ie another item was delivered instead of one item without prior agreement with the buyer.

No refunds are made if:

1. The buyer no longer likes the item;

2. The buyer no longer considers it necessary to own it; 

3. The item does not meet the buyer's expectations; 

4. The buyer no longer needs the item.

It is possible to return the item under the following conditions:

1. The buyer will deliver the item to the seller himself at the following address: st. Tbilisi, Digomi, Bob Walsh st. 32, Block G; 

2. The item subject to return is materially and goods-free. The packaging is undamaged or it is possible to repack the item in its original form; 

3. The buyer has expressed a desire to return and notified the seller in writing within 5 calendar days after purchase;

4. The paid amount is refunded, minus the delivery amount to the customer.

Returns are not made if:

1. If it has lost its commodity face; 

2. The packaging is missing or damaged; 

3. The item was damaged by the buyer.